Living, Learning and Loving my life

It’s funny how when I am going through a rough patch I am sure it’s going to last forever.  I know in my head that it won’t last forever, but my heart and my body feel stuck and trapped.  I was in that place last Sunday and by Monday morning, I was a completely different human.  Fascinating how that happens.  I give dancing all the credit.  Last Sunday I wrote about repressed memories that have been resurfacing for me and all the ways I was going to let them go.  And I did none of those things.  No writing.  No burning.  But, I did do a lot of dancing and that made all the difference in the world.  I got a tattoo in January that says “Learn.”  Learn is my “mantra” word for 2018 and let me tell ya…….I have learned SOOOOOO MUCH.  I joked when I got the tattoo that it was the short form of “what the fuck am I supposed to learn from this?”  I think the lesson for me in 2017, is that there’s really nothing I can’t handle. Every time new pieces of my past have been revealed to me this year, I have came back to that tattoo and just thought Wow.  I am really learning. I look at that tattoo and giggle.   Not unlike that time I got “Calm” tattooed on my wrist and the Universe gave me Opportunities to practice being calm.  Maybe my tattoos are like a vision board.  On my skin.   I saw my energy healing, shaman, witch/healer this week and she told me that I was a warrior in a past life.  7,000 years ago.  She also told me that I have carried that energy over through lifetimes upon lifetimes.  How cool is that?  I left there feeling incredibly empowered.  Now, Every time my husband asks me to do something I don’t want to do, I just remind him that I am tired from being a warrior for 7,000 years.  That’s the greatest information ever!  And it brings me right back to “There’s nothing I can’t handle.”  And all that shit I wrote about last week doesn’t even seem like a big deal today.  Today I want to write about some awesomeness.  I made a vision board a few months ago.  I’m bad about making vision boards and then sticking them in a closet.  A vision board is supposed to be out where it can be seen.  I made the vision board with a friend.  It was more about introducing the concept to her than it was to actually creating my own vision.  BUT, as I pulled that vision board out of the closet and inspected it, I see that almost everything on the board is coming into my life already.  On this board I am playing more.  I am connected to my inner child.  She is hiking in the woods.  She is dancing.  On this board I am leading a retreat.  A large retreat and I am positive I am leading people in dance at this retreat.


Now, here’s the “super secret” that I haven’t publicly announced.  Two of my Kirtan singing friends have asked me to co-lead a retreat with them in the spring of 2019.  The retreat will be in June at the Art of Living Retreat Center  in Boone, NC and I couldn’t be more excited.  We will hike, we will sing, we will dance, and we will yoga!  When I say I am connected and Divinely guided (and I say that a lot), I truly believe that.  I am in this flow of attracting all the amazing things into my life.  I am in alignment with my divine assignment and I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing.  The official announcement will come soon, and I hope I’m “allowed” to talk about it now because I am.  😊  Leading retreats is one of my favorite things to do. I am a dreamer and a planner.  I love the play factor involved in planning.   I took a step back from it in 2018 because I wanted to use that time to learn.  I will never stop learning.  It’s time to lead again.

One thought on “Living, Learning and Loving my life

  1. Kay Petrakovitz says:

    And as you’re learning you’re teaching so many of us. So keep on learning baby girl. I love you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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